Cotton is the fiber we use most extensively in our range. With its soft handle, absorbency and durability, it is easy to love this simple plant. We source its cotton from India & Africa, which is then woven into a range of long-lasting, soft and breathable homeware textile. Easy to care for and easy to love.

What is Cotton

Cotton is harvested from the soft and fluffy fibres of the flowering cotton ‘boll’ and is native to sub-tropical regions including the Americas, Africa and India. Once harvested, the fibres are ‘ginned’ (separated from their seeds) and then spun into yarn before eventually being dyed and woven. Throughout the 1600s and 1700s, cotton fibres were separated from the cotton seed by hand – a time-consuming process. The invention of the saw-tooth cotton gin in the US in 1793 revolutionized the production of cotton, paving the way for its widespread use, and making it possible to supply large quantities to the textile industry. Today the fibre is widely used in the production of fabrics and garments, as well as being grown as a food crop.

Why Cotton

Natural fibre , Soft , Absorbent , Durable , Breathable , Hypoallergenic , Regulates temperature , Sustainable & renewable , Biodegradable & recyclable , Versatile.

Care For Cotton

As a general rule, wash cotton fabrics on a gentle cycle at 40°. Wash with like colours and avoid bleach. Warm iron. Some of our items can be tumble dried at a low heat, but always check the label to be safe.