Cotton Bags

Organic Cotton Bags

All Our Organic Bags are made with Fibers from Our Own Cotton farm which will be purest form, those seeds are planted by the hands of Mother to Mother Nature. We process those cotton into yarn and it is weaved by the Master Weaver "Shawkath Ali" came into possession of two restored antique looms. He used these looms to weave limited runs of beautiful textiles from what he called his ‘Father of Weaving worker". We still see much mileage and fascination in these looms and our weavers and they prove to us daily of the quality and intricacy of fabrics they are still able to produce.
Then we do Custom designs/ colours/ patterns/ to complete process of final fabric as per requirements from our beloved buyers.
After each item is individually measured and cut by one of our cutters and then passed on to the seamstresses who will hem, join and add finishing touches.
Final inspection hands will have inspection of the product by ironing and snipping any loose threads. These customized packing hands could be the final AaRa hands that touch the products before being shipped off to our customers present in all corners of the world.
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