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How Our Story Begin

AaRa Exports

The AaRa Exports is an Indian based family owned and operated business based in South-India- Tamil Nadu. We provide high quality organic, eco-friendly Products to the entirety of India & also we supply pretty to Overseas. Our story started with a search to find a healthy, durable, pretty, and affordable fabrics & Products for Our-self. Not only for that, Especially Now a Days Organic name has seen only in Sealed Paper, but truly not in products which is produced by Manufacturer.

Arshath Ahmad

Founder & Merchandising Head
Planted Years
Planted Countries
Planted Happy Customers
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So We Decided To Make Change

We grow our own cotton, all organic, watered by mineral rich spring water. After learning the nasty facts that polyester and its blends are made of the same polymers as a plastic bottle; that cotton is one of the most pesticide-sprayed crops; and the amount of chemical processes goes through in order to become as soft as we are used to, we wouldn’t want our family, or your family, to inhale and sleep on such toxic fabric.
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