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Baby Bibs

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Woven from the Best Material

Those Organic Cotton Baby Bibs are made with fibres of Organic Cotton & also Blended with Bamboo, finely made from 2.5-4.5- Ounce Muslin and Poplin fabric by skilled weavers. Our baby cloths are made with fine structure & soft textures. You won't find loose threads and unravelling hems on products.

Stylish and Fashionable

All our Organic Bibs are made with Love &Alluring designs are specially handpicked and crafted by your Own designs & Artwork with attractive sizes. We do customized Patterns, Y/D, crinkle effect, Weaving, Designs, Solid colours, GSM, Size, Qty, Quality, labelling, Packing, Etc…Your thoughtful designs which are made from Screen & Digital Printed as well as solid colours are done in modern technique, and easy to match with any daily outfits without hassle.

Strong and Versatile

Our Organic baby Bibs are so soft and easy absorbance to wear that your baby will not mind wearing it all day long. Soft edges ensure that your baby does not feel scratchy or itchy while having the bib on. No more pulling and tugging of the bibs, even for fussy toddlers. We provide adjustable straps or buttons too.

Practical and Eco-Friendly

We Provide Organic, Sustainable, Ethical, & Eco-Friendly Products to environment- while also being conscious of our amazing planet. keep your baby’s sensitive skin safe from irritations with our organic baby bibs, which will not cause redness or rashes. All our dyes are used as Azo free dyes with Odour resistance.

Machine Washable

Our bibs are designed to withstand wash after wash. Simply machine wash warm and hang dry thoroughly before storing.