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Woven from the Best Material

Those Organic Cotton Baby Bolsters are made with fibres of Organic Cotton & also Blended with Bamboo, finely made from 2.5-4.5- Ounce Poplin fabric by skilled weavers. Our baby cloths are made with fine structure & soft textures. You won't find loose threads and unravelling hems on products.

Stylish and Fashionable

All our Organic Bolstersare made with Love and designed in a way that adds extra comfort and support to the babies. The bolsters create a calming effect that helps the new-borns enjoy a quiet and peaceful sleep. We do customized Patterns, Y/D, crinkle effect, Weaving, Designs, Solid colours, GSM, Size, Qty, Quality, labelling, Packing, Etc…It also prevents the babies from rolling over or can be used as a bumper in the crib to protect the baby from falling out. The bolsters also provide lasting support, are resistant to dust mites, and ensure a comfy sleep. 

Strong and Versatile

Our Organic baby Bolsters are so soft and provides optimum support for shoulders and neck to ensure proper blood circulation. Hypoallergenic, naturally anti-bacterial qualities that protects your baby against all allergens, irritants or dust mites.Baby bolsters creates a comforting psychological effect that helps new-borns enjoy a quiet, restful sleep.


Practical and Eco-Friendly

We Provide Organic, Sustainable, Ethical, & Eco-Friendly Products to environment- while also being conscious of our amazing planet. Our organic cotton bolster covers for the baby as it is comfortable and soft to touch. It also provides excellent support, and at the same time, hypoallergenic cotton is used to ensure that the sensitive skin of the baby is protected against rashes or irritation. 

Machine Washable

Our bolsters are designed to withstand wash after wash. Simply machine wash warm and hang dry thoroughly before storing.